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There were air conditioning companies 10 minutes from our house.

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When he weather is 95 degrees outside, don't people think that EVERYONE is calling in?The contractors that home warranty companies use are RETAIL companies.

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Each time I called about a problem having to do with faulty plumbing, electric, or faulty workmanship, AHS always found an excuse with the problem that disqualified it from their coverage plan. More…

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Completely rusted put. More…

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It took four times before he finally ordered the part, but when they were ordering the part they sent somebody different to make sure it was that part that needed to be done. That guy though was never on time. The first guy was 10 minutes early. He was very punctual, and I’d always knew when he was gonna be here. And he let me know when he was on his way. He was good.

Most insurance policies only cover issues relating to damage to the home.

However, there may be many years when nothing at all breaks down or wears out in the home.

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