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Through your home protection plan, you will be assigned a prescreened licensed technician that will come out to service your request.

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Suspension of your home service contract will not alter or extend the Termination Date of your home service contract.

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The second factor is the cost of different upgrades. For example, depending on the policy and desired coverage, the consumer may need to pay extra to cover swimming pool equipment or additional roof coverage. The third factor is the cost of the service calls, which might range anywhere from $35 to $75. After paying for the policy, the consumer pays a service charge when calling out a repair person from the company to investigate a problem. There is typically no charge for replacing or repairing the broken item. Home insurance is usually required by your mortgage lender and protects the structure of your home against risks such as damage from severe weather and theft, secondary damages resulting from some system and appliance failures, as well as protecting you personally from liability in the event that someone is accidentally injured on your property. Each time you make a claim on your home insurance you pay a deductible cost, which is commonly $500 or $1,000. Home warranties protect many of the home systems and appliances that you rely on daily. When these systems and appliances inevitably fail over time due to normal wear and tear, a home warranty will pay to repair or replace them. You will pay a service fee each time you request service, which ranges from $50 $100. There are several plans and options to choose from to best suit your home’s specific requirements.

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Covered Systems and Appliances.

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